Introduction to “JarvisSuite”

Introduction to “JarvisSuite”

Over the years, I found various technical topics to be interesting, but home automation (or Smart Home, as it’s nowadays called) was always something special. But it was only recently, that I had the opportunity to really get into it.

As I am currently finishing my master’s degree in applied information science, the opportunity presented itself to find topics of interest and work on them in the context of university courses. I started with two projects, namely

  • “Entwicklung einer Heimautomationslösung mit Multi-System-Kompatibilität und Tablet-Interface”
    (english: Development of a home automation solution with multi-system-compatibility and tablet interface)


  • “Entwicklung von vernetzten Benutzungsschnittstellen für die Heimautomation”
    (english: Development of distributed user interfaces for home automation).

The former is a system to control various lighting systems (Philips Hue, for example) with a customized tablet-based user interface. The latter was a project born in need. As I wasn’t overly happy with the (affordable) physical user interfaces that could integrate advanced features (like changing light temperature, brightness or color), I decided to dive into topics like Arduino-based development and just build my own. These two projects could be used together and are in use in my own flat for nearly a year now, codenamed “JarvisSuite”.

Following these two projects, I am currently working on a research project titled “Benutzerzentrierte Entwicklung eines Systems zur ortsensitiven Steuerung von Elementen eines Smart Homes” (english: User-driven development of a System for Location-aware element control in a smart home). This project extends the mentioned JarvisSuite-system with multiple sensors (for example, presence and occupancy detection) as well as a rule engine to allow the user to define rules to customize the behavior of the smart home based on events like presence changes (e.g. person enters the room).

Sidenote: Clearly, “JarvisSuite” is only a temporary name. While the reason for the name is obvious, it is not a valid name for a commercial product. But since I currently don’t have plans to evolve JarvisSuite into a distributable and/or complete software solution and it will probably remain more or a hobby project, I don’t see a problem here.

In the following days and weeks, I’ll continue in describing more details of the mentioned projects and explain what my next steps will be. As I’m very new to writing blog posts, I’ll currently making my plan for it up as I go. Hopefully, this will result in a somewhat concise and informative journey for potential readers.

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